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At SPIE, innovation permeates the entire organisation and involves a shared and open vision of its services, from technological partnerships with innovative players to the deployment of technical installations alongside our customers’ teams.

A broad ecosystem for innovation

Since anyone can be an innovator, we are implementing an "open innovation" approach involving all of our stakeholders, customers, partners and our 47,000 employees. This approach is led by the six European committees and the departments in charge of innovation within each subsidiary. As innovation catalysts, the 6 committees – Building Technology, Industry, City Networks, Technical Facility Management, ICS and Digital – are promoting the pooling of knowledge and the creation of bridges thanks to their cross-cutting approach. Within each subsidiary, the innovation departments contribute to identifying, developing and disseminating innovations in the field.

Three dimensions of innovation at SPIE

A collaborative dynamic focused on sharing ideas, co-constructing projects and new ways of innovating with customers, through internal tools such as the SIOUX digital platform for innovation sharing and Innovation Day, as well as advanced methodologies such as PoC (Proof of Concept) or Design Thinking.

Operational solutions focused on eco-innovation, combining a high level of technical expertise in areas such as energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, remote maintenance or smart buildings, with close proximity to customers to provide them with solutions that create value.

Cooperation with a variety of partners, including industrials, start-ups, research centres and think-tanks, inspired by the transformation of uses and climate issues. The aim is to provide our customers with operational solutions in areas such as e-mobility, the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 or smart office.